Friday 28 June 2013

Four steps for effective journals marketing integration

Do you integrate your journals marketing strategies or are you concentrating on one or two channels?

Alexa Dugan, Associate Marketing Director for Life Science Journals at Wiley-Blackwell, holds responsibility for the global marketing strategy for over 100 journals. Here, she reflects on successful marketing integration.

"Institutional marketing, author marketing, end-user marketing, marketing to funders and developing relationships with Subscription Agents and Aggregators. These are some of the elements today's journal marketer has to integrate into their global strategy.

Journals marketing is becoming increasingly complex, as research continues to evolve and develop in an ever changing environment. This could result in a tendency to concentrate on individual channels rather than implement an integrated approach. However, as the market becomes even more complex, the need for greater - not less - integration becomes apparent.

There are four stages to ensuring successful integration of your journals marketing strategy. You need to:
  1. Set measurable and achievable objectives
  2. Identify each of the channels to market
  3. Identify the most effective and efficient marketing tactics for each channel
  4. Measure results, and crucially, do not be afraid of refining your approach."
Alexa is co-tutor on two ALPSP training courses. Effective Journals Marketing (9 July, London) and Getting the Most from Journals Publicity (20 November, London)

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