Friday 26 September 2008

Frankfurt Informal Dinner - 14th of October

The location for the dinner has been changed to The Bangkok, Sandweg 17, 60316, Frankfurt, Germany ( ) as the Tamnak Thai is being refurbished and will not be open on the 14th. Otherwise all arrangements remain the same.

Hot Topics

A plug.

One of the unsung information heroes of the ALPSP website is the 'Hot Topics and Resources' section. Accessed from the 'Information' pull down menu the pages are a mine of useful links. Arranged alphabetically by subject, we aim to provide routes to relevant information on all the topics under discussion, from Archiving to eBooks to Licensing, Standards and Protocols and much else besides. If you need to know something, it's your first port of call. And if you think we've missed something, then tell us and Pippa Smart - who magically keeps all this up to date- will add something relevant.

Just thought you needed to know it was there, if you didn't already. Nick.