Monday 29 April 2013

A guide to accessible publishing - what, why and how?

It might not be obvious but digital workflows are a great gift to disabled people and, likewise, disabled people are great gift for digital publishing. But it doesn't always seem that way, so let's explore the issues.

Alistair McNaught (JiscTechDis) and Sarah Hilderley (EDItEUR) have written a new advice note for ALPSP Members: A guide to Accessible Publishing.

This topic will be explored further at the ALPSP International Conference in September when Huw Alexander (SAGE) will be chairing the session Accessibility - are you missing a strong market for your content. Drawing together some of the key players within the sector, the speakers will seek to unpack the issues experienced by publishers, users and institutions and map out how publishers can develop their online products to be accessible to as wide an audience as possible. The session will examine the issues from various viewpoints and provide practical advice and opportunities for discussion.  See for further information about the conference programme and registration.

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