Wednesday 10 February 2010

Anianet seeking feedback on posting call for papers to Chinese researchers

ALPSP member Anianet ( is a free English-language professional network connecting Chinese scholars to their peers in Europe and America. Since launching in late 2009, Anianet has helped connect thousands of Chinese academics, scientists, and researchers to their western counterparts.

Anianet's members are interested in finding out which journals are interested in and/or actively soliciting manuscripts from Chinese scholars. In response to this feedback, they are exploring the notion of a call for papers newsletter that would be distributed to the Anianet community on a regular basis. The idea is that publishers (and meeting/conference organizers soliciting proposals as well) could, for a small fee, efficiently connect with the Chinese authoring community via these Anianet newsletters.

Anianet are soliciting feedback as to whether ALPSP members would see this as a useful tool to grow their visibility among Chinese authors and would appreciate any constructive feedback regarding this idea.

To comment, join the discussion on the ALPSP LinkedIn group.

Ian Russell

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