Friday 27 November 2009

Gap analysis tool introduced by Accucoms

Accucoms has recently announced the development of a gap analysis tool that will help publishers identify gaps in their market penetration and provide a highly qualified target list of prospective customers to use for direct marketing and sales activities.

The tool is the result of a large-scale research project undertaken by Accucoms and includes comprehensive information on the subject focus of institutions worldwide, as well as market segmentation data such as type of organisation (e.g. academic, corporate, government, hospital). This information is becoming increasingly important as publishers implement much more targeted sales and marketing campaigns.

The tool will help any publisher using Accucoms’ suite of direct marketing and sales representations services gain competitive advantage as it identifies potential subscribers in underrepresented geographic regions. It contains profiles of tens of thousands of institutions around the world and can be cross-referenced with the publisher’s existing subscription list to identify key prospects and help evaluate market share.

Pinar Erzin, Managing Director of Accucoms, says “Our gap analysis tool provides publishers with essential strategic information about possible growth in certain regions and on a tactical level, it offers qualified, relevant and up-to-date lists of prospects. Gathering this information is not a trivial task but it is information that every company needs. We have invested considerable time and effort in developing this tool and we believe it will significantly enhance our client’s sales and marketing activities.”

For more information please contact Egon Menardi, Tel: +31 (0)71 5247630,

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  1. The gap analysis toll appears to be good for a worldwide platform. There are similar technologies on the market and other tools that do the same thing that are integrated with other tools. Social media platforms, search engines can do similar search an identify gaps, although possibly no to the same extent. Information would require to be kept up to date for accurate results.