Wednesday 25 November 2009

DataSalon and Ringgold launch new service to unlock the value of relationships between organizations

Ringgold and DataSalon have announced a new service to aid publishers in visualizing customer hierarchies.

DataSalon’s MasterVision platform has been enhanced with the addition of an interactive hierarchy viewer, providing academic publishers with a highly visual ‘family tree’ view of Ringgold’s entire Identify database and follows a strategic partnership between the two companies announced in March 2009.

Ringgold creates and maintains Identify, a hierarchical reference database of organizations subscribing to
academic journals, including information about location, size, and subject specialties and providing coverage of more than 150,000 academic, healthcare, government and corporate organizations worldwide, including all of the various parent/child relationships between them.

Designed and built specifically for the needs of academic publishers, DataSalon’s MasterVision is a web-based system which provides publishers with ‘complete customer insight’ – it integrates every source of customer information held by a publisher (including subscribers, authors, alert recipients, etc.) into a user-friendly web interface that includes flexible search, segmentation, visualization and reporting tools. MasterVision has been  and the new hierarchy viewer is fully integrated into the product.

The relationships between libraries, departments, universities and consortia form a fundamental part of the sales operation for all major academic publishers, with consortia agreements and other ‘big deals’ providing a significant proportion of revenues. However, existing publisher systems provide little support for searching and viewing these complex relationships between different levels of customer. By combining the rich data of Identify with MasterVision’s hierarchy viewer, publishers will be able to understand the relationships between direct sales and ‘big deals’ more clearly than ever before.

More information is available on the DataSalon website.

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