Thursday 26 March 2009

Results of ALPSP/Portico Survey on Digital Preservation

Portico offers ALPSP members special discount

One of the most important issues facing publishers and their library customers is long-term preservation of digital content. Against this background, ALPSP recently undertook a survey of its members to enhance awareness of long-term digital preservation issues and to establish the nature and extent of strategies that they have planned. As the results reveal, some publishers are much further along in their understanding and action than others.

The study was co-funded by ALPSP and Portico (, and conducted independently by Sarah Durrant of Red Sage Consulting. The full findings of the survey are freely available to download from the ALPSP website (

Portico is now offering a special 5% discount to any ALPSP members who choose to join Portico, so if you're thinking of using them please mention this. Contact Toni Tracy ( for details.

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