Wednesday 18 March 2009

Latest ALPSP member

I am pleased to say that DataSalon are the latest organization to apply for membership to ALPSP.

DataSalon provide "flexible and powerful tools for data integration and analysis which are also extremely user-friendly and easy to implement". In practice that means that they are able to take feeds from all of your databases, mash them up, link them together and give you a more complete view of your customers and prospects... it's good stuff!

They have just announced a strategic partnership with Ringgold. It looks to me like a good fit as Ringgold maintains an extensive database of subscribing organizations and DataSalon provide the means to analyze and visualize the data.

DataSalon join:

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
Kaufman-Wills Group LLC
Cadmus Communications Ltd
Oxfam Publishing
Multi-Science Publishing Company Limited
Sydney University Press
Society for the Study of Addiction

as new members of ALPSP so far this year... Welcome to you all!

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