Wednesday 1 August 2012

The Royal Society of Chemistry completes organisation-wide roll-out of business insight service

MasterVision comes of age – The Royal Society of Chemistry rolls out DataSalon’s web-based MasterVision across the entire organisation, making it their first port of call for business insight.

Cambridge, UK and Oxford, UK, 1 August, 2012 – The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) announced today that DataSalon's MasterVision service has now been rolled out across the whole organisation. It now plays a key part in all business planning and operational activities, and is used on a day-to day basis within every department of the RSC.

The RSC have been working with DataSalon since 2009, when they first adopted the MasterVision system to join together all of the RSC’s customer data relating to members, subscribers, authors, usage, and more into a single customer view. Initially the RSC saw MasterVision as a key tool for the sales and marketing teams, but it since became clear that the scope was more far-reaching and that MasterVision could provide considerable benefits to the entire organisation.

Following the recent roll-out of MasterVision, there are now over 200 end users from across the organisation who are actively using the system. The initiative was led by staff within the RSC with support from the DataSalon team, with the system’s user-friendly web interface making it very easy for ‘non-technical’ staff to become hands-on users.

MasterVision is now used within every department, including Sales, Marketing, Commissioning, Business Development, Business Intelligence, Admin, Publishing Services, IT, Membership, and Books. It remains vital to the marketing and sales departments, but other departments now gain valuable insights from the single customer view in different ways. For example, MasterVision is used extensively by the editors in the Commissioning department who use it to find potential authors, research new topics for commissioning, and analyse author activity. It’s also used to produce management reports for business planning, to monitor the performance of new journals, and to audit and improve data quality.

“MasterVision is now central to our entire organisation, and provides vital insight to all of our staff in many different ways.” said Richard Crouch, Marketing Director, RSC “We saw the huge potential of a complete single customer view for the whole company, and are thrilled that the roll-out has been such a success.”

“We’re delighted that the RSC have realised the full potential of MasterVision.” said Nick Andrews, Managing Director at DataSalon. “Customer insight is so much more than just a marketing aid, and it’s great that the RSC have embraced our service with such enthusiasm as a central business planning tool.”

Notes for editors

·         The Royal Society of Chemistry is the largest organisation in Europe for advancing the chemical sciences. Supported by a worldwide network of members and an international publishing business, our activities span education, conferences, science policy and the promotion of chemistry to the public. Our website is at:

·         DataSalon is the leading provider of customer insight solutions for academic publishers. Our core product MasterVision integrates all of a publisher’s customer data into a complete 360º view for every individual and institution, creating business insight for the whole organisation and high-value intelligence for leads, cross-selling and renewals. MasterVision is fully managed and hosted, and is backed by first-class service and support. We're pleased to count many of the most innovative publishers among our clients, including the American Institute of Physics, BMJ Group, IOP Publishing, and Oxford University Press. Our website is at:

For further information about this press release please contact Nick Andrews (Managing Director, DataSalon). Email: Phone: +44 (0)1865 321353.

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