Tuesday 31 January 2012

ALPSP is 40!

ALPSP is 40 years old in 2012 and I don’t think we’re looking too bad for it!

ALPSP started life as a collaboration of 24 learned and professional societies. The initial press release stated that the Association's aims were:

  • to promote and develop the publishing activities of the member societies in disseminating information to their members and to others;

  • to provide facilities for the exchange of publishing knowhow; and

  • to represent the collective views of member societies in discussions with other publishing organisations, with Government Departments and agencies, and with organisations such as the Post Office.

I’m sure we have very little issues with the Post Office these days, given the on-going shift from print to digital and the numerous mailing channels that have developed in the last 40 years! I think we have done (and continue to do) a pretty good job. I’d be really interested to hear your views on the progress publishing has made in the past 40 years, but perhaps more importantly, to hear how you think the future looks. Comments welcome!

Audrey McCulloch

Acting CEO & Executive Director

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  1. 40 - who'd have thought it! I realised I had worked in publishing a long time when I heard that the Opticopy (the incredible-state-of-the-art-technology that I was amazed by when it was introduced) was being phased out! And who remembers lick-and-stick CRC? And in-house copyeditors ... you tell the youngsters of today and they don't believe you!