Monday 11 October 2010

ALPSP Seminar: e-Learning. Online and Distance Education, 21 October, London

Chair: Oliver Jones, Education Projects Manager, RCOG

This seminar offers a practical look at how organisations can embark upon or develop existing e-Learning Programmes, and more importantly how to do so successfully.
  • Why is E-learning publishing different; or is it not different?
  • What standards exist in terms of 'E-learning publishing standards'
  • Can I publish E-learning if I have no technical expertise?
  • How is it possible to keep online content up to date?
  • How big would my E-learning team need to be?
  • Where are the markets, is E-learning publication successful for other businesses?
Who should attend?
Small to medium publishers and societies without the resources or funds to experiment and research the options but who can see the potential of E-learning, yet don't know where to start
Editorial teams becoming involved in the instructional design of content to be published on the web
Course and events leaders involved in transforming components of a course in to an E-learning or blended learning package
Publications managers requiring advice on the processes involved in E-learning publication
Educationalists who are new to E-learning
Project managers who have experience of product development but who are new to the publication of E-learning
Commissioning editors responsible for ensuring publications are innovative yet educationally robust.

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