Saturday 17 October 2009

ALPSP Chair elect breaks leg

I'm not 100% sure if Toby Green fell while shouting from the treetops that he had been elected as the next Chair of ALPSP... or if in fact he fell out of a tree while constructing a tree house.

The fact is, fall he did and unfortunately Toby, who will take office as Chair in January 2010, managed to break his leg. He could therefore be seen hobbling around the Messe at the Frankfurt Book Fair this week on crutches.

Determined that some good will come from his misfortune, Toby took the opportunity to raise some money for Della Sar's terrific charity Friends of Della and Don. I'm sure you know, but Della is Global Marketing Director at Nature Publishing Group and the story of how and why the charity was set up is worth reading. The eagle-eyed will have noticed that Toby had a collecting tin gaffa-taped to his crutches and the response at the Fair was great...

...but it could be even better and it's not too late to give an online donation of any size to help support Della's charity.

1 comment:

  1. Hobbling?! I was crutching about in style! or at least, I thought I was. Many thanks to all who helped fill my tin. As Ian says, there's still time to donate via the Friendsofdellaanddon website thanks.