Wednesday 16 September 2009

Current Communications and public consultations from the European Commission

The European Commission currently has three 'communications' (EC speak for policy documents) and public consultations open that may be of interest to ALPSP members.

1. Consultation on “Europeana – next steps”
The European Commission adopted the Communication “Europeana – next steps” on 28 August 2009. Europeana is "Europe's online library, museum and archive" and is part of the European Commission's digital libraries initiative which, in their words, aims "to make Europe's cultural and scientific heritage accessible to all on the internet".

The EC has launched a public consultation to discuss the further development of Europeana (deadline for comments: 15 November 2009).

2. Consultation on “Post i2010: priorities for a new strategy for European information society (2010-2015)”
The European Commission has published Europe’s Digital Competitiveness Report and opened a public consultation on what future strategy should be adopted to meet 5 stated goals:

  • to accelerate the economic recovery and maintain its world leadership in high-tech sectors
  • to spend research budgets more effectively so that bright ideas are marketed and generate new growth
  • to kick-start ICT-led productivity to offset GDP stagnation as the labour force starts to shrink when the baby boomers retire
  • to foster new, smarter, cleaner technologies that can help Europe achieve a factor for growth; and
  • to use networking tools to rebuild trust in Europe as an open and democratic society.

The Commission has launched an online questionnaire to gather opinion.

3. Communication on “Enhancing the enforcement of intellectual property rights in the internal market”
On 14 September 2009 the European Commission adopted the Communication "Enhancing the enforcement of intellectual property rights in the internal market". There is no consultation open on this Communication but ALPSP members may be interested in the "practical, non-legislative measures to combat counterfeiting and piracy" that are outlined in the Commission's press release.

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