Monday 18 May 2009

Charlesworth Group tie up $1 million worth of deals in China

ALPSP member The Charlesworth Group has announced that they have successfully negotiated contracts between fourteen publishers and the National Science and Technology Library (NSTL) nationwide consortia in China. The press release states that the deals represent additional gross annual revenue worth over US$1 million.

Charlesworth's China-based composition and pre-press services are well known and have given the organization a sizable footprint in the country; they employ 200 staff in Beijing and Langfang. It seems that they are increasingly focussing on brokering rights and licensing deals in China.


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  1. Thanks for posting Ian, actually in the US we are probably more well known for our China Rights and Licensing sales and marketing activities than for our typesetting services, albeit we do also sell that through a partnership with Allen Press, as well as directly ... funny how we are viewed differently in different countries, we have no printing plant to promote and sell here in America ... best wishes